M (Mandatory)
1-N (Repeatable: mandatory term)


MA (Mandatory when applicable)
0-1 (Non-repeatable: except mandatory term)

Usage Instructions

  • The title of the resource. In the case of an academic paper, this will be the title of the paper. 
  • You must enter the title in the same language as the main text of the resource.
  • Enter the language attribute to describe the language of the title in 'xml:lang'.


  • If the title is in multiple languages, repeat the element and enter them separately. However, each language code should only appear once in ‘dc:title’.
  • Enter in order of language priority.
  • If there is a title for a contents page or copyright page, enter it in ‘dcterms:alternative’ (Alternative Title).
  • If the resource is part of a book (e.g. a chapter), enter the title of the chapter in ‘dc:title’ (Title) and the title of the book in ‘jpcoar:relation’ (Relation).
  • The language attribute for ‘yomi’ should be entered in katakana with ‘xml:lang=“ja-Kana”’ as attribute. Where ‘yomi’ is entered, you must enter its original information (i.e. in kanji) with the description that ‘xml:lang is “ja”’.

Recommended Examples

<dc:title xml:lang="ja">情報爆発時代の研究基盤構想</dc:title>
<dc:title xml:lang="ja-Kana">ジョウホウ バクハツ ジダイ ノ ケンキュウ キバン コウソウ</dc:title>
<dc:title xml:lang="en">Research Project on Cyber Infrastructure for Information-explosion Era</dc:title>
<dc:title xml:lang="zh-cn">"如果"句的反事实表达浅析</dc:title>

Unrecommended Examples

  • It is not recommended to enter the element without specifying ‘xml:lang’.
  • It is not recommended to enter multiple languages in parallel.
<dc:title xml:lang="jaen">
    情報爆発時代の研究基盤構想 = Research Project on Cyber Infrastructure for Information-explosion Era
  • It is not recommended to include a source title . For a source title, use ‘jpcoar:sourceTitle' (Source Title).
<dc:title xml:lang="ja">NIIの概要(日本病院会雑誌)</dc:title>
  • You must not repeat the element with the same language code.
<dc:title xml:lang="ja">情報爆発時代の研究基盤構想</dc:title>
<dc:title xml:lang="ja">データマイニング、次世代サーチなどの研究</dc:title>

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