Explanatory Notes to the List of JPCOAR Schema Terms


  • Name of the element
    • M: Mandatory (It must be used)
    • MA: Mandatory when applicable (It must be used when there is applicable information)
    • R: Recommended (It is recommended to use)
    • O: Optional (It is optional to use)
    • 0-N: Repeatable (except mandatory term)
    • 1-N: Repeatable (mandatory term)
    • 0-1: Non-repeatable (except mandatory term)
    • 1: Non-repeatable (mandatory term)


  • Attribute that can be used for each element
      • In principle, use the two-digit language code of ISO 639-1 (e.g. Japanese: "ja"; English: "en").
      • For Japanese ‘yomi’, use “ja-Kana“. Where ‘yomi’ is entered, you must enter its original information (i.e. in kanji) with the description that ‘xml:lang is “ja”’.
      • For Chinese, it is desirable to separately enter simplified Chinese as "zh-ch" and traditional Chinese as "zh-tw".

    Usage Instructions

    • Usage instructions of describing each element


    • Things to be noted on each element

    Recommended Examples

    • Examples of ways to describe each element

    Unrecommended Examples

    • Examples of unrecommeded ways to describe each element

    junii2 mapping

    • junii2’s element names for the conversion of junii2 to JPCOAR schema