Version Type


MA (Mandatory when applicable)
0-1 (Non-repeatable: except mandatory term)
Controlled Vocabularies
  • AO

    Author’s Original (Any version of which the author considers to have sufficient quality for the submission to formal peer review)

  • SMUR

    Submitted Manuscript Under Review (Any version that is being formally peer-reviewed by a socially-recognized publisher)

  • AM

    Accepted Manuscript (The version that has been accepted to be published. The content and layout comply with the publisher’s requirements for submission)

  • P

    Proof (A version that has been produced during publication process between AM and VoR. The content has been changed from AM, but the layout is of the publisher’s.)

  • VoR

    Version of Record (The publisher’s version. This includes any versions for ‘early release’.)

  • CVoR

    Corrected Version of Record (A version in which errors in the VoR have been corrected)

  • EVoR

    Enhanced Version of Record (An updated version of the VoR, or a version with supplementary material)

  • NA

    Not Applicable (or Unknown) (A version that is not applicable or unknown)

Usage Instructions

  • Enter the version information of the academic paper. Select and enter from the controlled vocabularies.
  • For ‘rdf:resource’, enter the URI of COAR Version that corresponds to each controlled vocabulary.


  • In the case of an academic paper, you must enter this element.
  • For the version information of data, use 'datacite:version' (Version).

Recommended Examples

  • In the case of the author’s final draft (the paper submitted to a publisher after peer-review)
<oaire:version rdf:resource="">AM</oaire:version>
  • In the case of a publisher’s version
<oaire:version rdf:resource="">VoR</oaire:version>

junii2 mapping

  • textversion